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Photo Restoration and Oil Paintings in Lexington, KY

Malick's Art Studio has provided the unique service of restoring old, damaged, and faded photographs in the state of Kentucky since 1955. We also provide oil painting services from photographs of individuals, families, scenes, and more.

Who We Are

Malick's Art Studio is family-owned and operated by John and Dawn Malick. John is the photo restoration expert. Dawn is the artist who specializes in oil paintings. We are known for our honesty and integrity, and we respect the work of other photographers and their copyrights. We both have a passion for seeing old photos or portraits be restored to their original appearance. We understand that your old photos and portraits carry a lot of cherished memories behind them and we want to bring them back to you.

Photo Restoration

At Malick's Art Studio, we take your original photos and make a copy. Then we recreate the original photo by filling in the damaged areas or restoring faded areas so that you get a brand new photo along with your original photo.

Types of Photos We Restore

  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Color Photos
  • Black and White Photos
  • Sepia-tone Photos

Types of Conditions We Restore

  • Damaged / Torn Photos
  • Faded Photos

Oil Paintings

Like our photo restoration process, we take original photographs, restore them and then create oil paintings requested by our customers. The original photographs are not painted but are printed on canvas and then oil painted in our professional style. Once the painting is completed and approved, copies are made for our files in the event additional reproductions are requested by other family members.

Phone Consultation

We provide phone consultations to understand your needs and explain what we can do to help restore your photos or oil paintings. Please contact Malick's Art Studio at (859) 233-3411 for more information or to conduct a phone consultation. We offer Free Estimates!

We proudly serve all of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and surrounding states.